Parent and toddler yoga coming to Fiveways!

Young children have wonderfully flexible joints and muscles, which may gradually stiffen as they grow up. But with care and attention early on, this doesn't necessarily follow.

A few simple exercises based on yoga moves not only helps children develop a sense of creativity and self expression, but also improves their self confidence through self-awareness. Obesity can also be a problem with young children, but again basic yoga exercise is known to help maintain a healthy metabolism, and can assist with eating disorders. Did you know that yoga breathing exercises can improve concentration and increase energy levels? Also relaxation techniques can clear the mind and help improve sleep patterns. In fact, yoga plays an all-round vital part in a child's early physical and mental development, which with a little care and attention can continue right through adult life.

The good news is that there is a brand new yoga class coming to Fiveways just for parents and toddlers! Brought to you by from the seed, an established Fiveways company already offering antenatal yoga, aromatherapy for pregnancy and baby massage. Classes begin on Wednesday 10th September 2008, and are specifically for children from walking up to five years.
These classes, run by experienced yoga teacher Alison Wheeler, are not only beneficial for a child's physical development, but also encourage a sense of fun, imagination and creativity. Using traditional yoga postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, the children are led into exciting adventures and magical places. They might jump on a magic carpet, surf down a mountain, or fly off in a hot air balloon! They will meet mermaids, dinosaurs & astronauts, swim with dolphins or play football with crabs.

Classes are not just for those who are familiar to yoga, all are welcome. It's a good time to play and be creative together. Some parents will take the moves and use them in their home environment to continue the benefits that yoga can bring. So give your child an opportunity to experience the benefits of such a wonderful form of exercise, and have great fun at the same time!

These drop-in classes are every Wednesday 10.00am at St Matthias Church Hall, Hollingbury Park Avenue, Fiveways. The 45 minute session costs £4.50 and there is no need to book! Come and join us on Wednesday mornings and be sure you are helping your child to grow up fit and healthy in the best possible way.

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Posted: 28th of August 2008