Resident releases On-Line Guitar tuition

It's June 2011 and has officially launched with a goal to become the go to place for online guitar tuition from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace! Unlike most online guitar tuition sites, has been in the making for 18 months and the product is two eBooks that perfectly compliment each other. For any of you that are not sure what an eBook is, I will explain. An eBook is basically a book that downloads off a website directly onto your computer in just seconds and you can have access to it without the wait.


Your Guitar Tutor started out solely as a private guitar tuition service located just below Fiveways, but after understanding what the students wanted and noticing the same needs again and again, an answer was slowly but surely assembled. Tom's private students were given a trial version of both of the eBooks so that Tom could gather feedback, make changes and prepare a final version of the eBooks before making them available to the online world.

Both of the eBooks have proved to both support the private students between lessons and also function as a stand- alone source of guitar tuition.

As an introductory offer when purchasing ‘Be The Guitarist' you will get the 2nd eBook ‘The Ultimate Practise- Planner' completely free of charge.

‘Be The Guitarist' will teach a complete beginner all they need to know to become an advanced player in the most direct way I believe is possible. With thorough explanations and carefully designed diagrams you are guided all the way from learning your first chord, to mastering scales and understanding how hit songs are written from the guitarists' perspective.

‘The Ultimate Practise- Planner' gives you balanced practise routines to suit you based on how much time you want to practise for. All of the information from ‘Be The Guitarist' is organized in to easy to be read exercises so you are never left confused at what to practise and for what amount of time.

Why Go Online?

Perhaps you are interested in private lessons but can't attend weekly. Using both of these eBooks will allow you to learn guitar at your pace and you can use the forum any time you like to ask Your Guitar Tutor any questions.

If you go online now and subscribe for free you will receive weekly blog- guitar lessons that will guide you through the eBook. Plus future blog posts that will cover much, much more.

Why not preview the eBooks at to try before you buy?

Posted: 27th of June 2011