Phone Mast Consultation by Councillors

Labour Councillors for Hollingdean and Stanmer Ward in Brighton are asking residents in the Upper Hollingdean Road area to let them know what they think of a proposal by Vodafone for a 12.5 metre mobile phone mast with 3 attenae close to an entrance to the Council's Hollingdean Depot, near the junction with Hollingbury Road and Roedale Road.

In a letter to residents in the area Councillors Pat Hawkes, Jeane Lepper,  and Christine Simpson say, " We are aware that many people have concerns about the siting of mobile phone masts and have told the company that we will consult residents in the area near the site and make appropriate representations to the Council about our constituents' views."

Councillor Jeane Lepper adds, "This area is mainly densely residential with blocks of flats, including two 14 storey blocks and Downs Infants School overlooking it.  For people living in Hollingdean it is also a main route to that school and to nearby Downs Junior School. There is still scientific controversy about the effects of phone masts in residential areas and we believe it is important that local people have their say on the issue before a planning application goes to the City Council."

It is believed the company will put in an application by the start of November.

For further comment ring

Councillor Jeane Lepper on 291169               
Councillor Pat Hawkes on 291159
Councillor Christine Simpson on 296436

Posted: 30th of November 2010