Help Downs Junior School Rediscover its Admirable History

An appeal for old photographs of pupils is being made. The Downs Junior School is looking to build up its archives. If you have any photographs of your - or your parent's or grandparent's - time at the school now is the opportunity to dig them out. Any other documents connected with the school - like old reports or programmes - would also be welcome.

The school has been at the centre of our community for well over a hundred years, first as the Board School, then the Ditchling Road Junior Mixed and since the 1970s as the Downs Junior School. Generations of local people, up to 15,000, have passed through its doors, and the current school is very conscious of this history and its close connection to the area and want to record it.

They have a number of old registers, school diaries and even the dreaded Punishment Books but only a modest collection of photographs. They would like to broaden this stock of photos and amplify the holding of other documents. The school is currently starting another project about its past history, to follow up on one several years ago, so the photos would help the present pupils in their work as well as act as a record.

Any photos or documents lent will be copied and returned to the owners, unless they choose to donate them. Items can be sent to Mr. Vousden, Headteacher, at the school, or dropped into the School Office (entrance in Rugby Road) during school hours. It would help if donors could provide any information like dates, names and the event to anything sent in. A clearly written return address, if return is wished, would also assist.

Help the school rediscover its admirable history. It is all of our histories. Go on, dig those old photos out now.


Posted: 31st of January 2010