Fiveways Artists Group Celebrates 30 Glorious Years

This May the Fiveways Artists Group celebrates 30 years of Open Houses. While open house exhibitions can now be found all over the city and indeed the country, it was the Fiveways Artists Group which pioneered the concept back in 1982.

In a recent interview Ned Hoskins, one of the group's founder members, described having an Open House exhibition as "the most amazing thing I have ever done in my life".

The idea for open houses grew out of the open studio concept which had so impressed Ned in Brighton during the 1970's. Ned had also spent time in California and really enjoyed the experience of open studios and the artisans he had seen working on the streets in Santa Fe. When Ned returned to Brighton in 1981 he bought a house in Hollingbury Road and it occurred to him that this empty shell, which he was in the process of renovating, could be the perfect environment in which to exhibit art. The idea developed and as part of the 1982 Brighton Festival Ned opened his doors for the very first time. "I thought it would be great to open every room in my three story house and fill it with the work of eight artist friends. I was very surprised by the public's reaction and within the first week I had all the local papers covering it. The local radio did a live broadcast from my house and two TV stations turned up to interview me and film my exhibition".

It was clear that Ned had hit upon a winning formula and soon other established artists in the area began opening their homes. By 1988 Five at Fiveways had emerged and the group has continued to grow ever since. Members and guest artists may change but the ethos of the group remains the same: to make art accessible to as many people as possible, enabling artists to take their work to a wide and varied audience.

This year the artistic offering is as rich and exciting as ever! So whether you are an Open Houses veteran or discovering this fantastic concept for the very first time, prepare for a month of artistic riches - yours to enjoy at your leisure! The map in the centre of the Directory will help you to plan your route and a visit to the Fiveways Artists website will give you some background information about the artists whose homes you will be visiting.

Have fun and enjoy the art!


Posted: 5th of May 2011