LAT Minutes May 2008

David Alderton (Chair)
PS Rob Leet
Juliet McCaffery (Cllr)
Dominique Gridiceli
Jacqueline Sell
Tony Raggett
Jean Twine
Margaret Wolstenholme
Margaret Smart
Jim Grozier
Sally Griffin
Pauline Cox
Sandra Staufer
Marilyn Priest (Secretary)
Dave Munro
Peter Bennett (Treasurer)
Janet Enever
Ed White
1. Previous Minutes
i) Approved 

2. Treasurers report
I) LAT funds stand at £846.98
II) Hollingdean fund at £700.30

3.  Police Report
i) 66 crimes all told in the area for the month of April
ii) Robberies 2
iii) Burglaries 5
iv) Vehicle crime 8
v) Criminal damage14                                                                                                                                                vi) Regarding Preston Park area swoop with police and DVLA on large parked vehicles ;
18 non taxed
19 clamped
3 uninsured  
These vehicles were in residential roads in the Preston Park ward.

Cllr McCaffrey raised the issue of youths in Preston Park in the evenings, especially at weekends. Her perception was that there appeared to be a rise in numbers congregating. PS Leet stated that there had been a rise in recent weeks and the quantity of alcohol seized had increased. Much of this rise can be attributed to school leavers "celebrating" in the park but it was acknowledged that it was important to keep on top of the numbers as the summer months approached.

4.Safety and Parking
The issue of "large" vehicles parked in the neighbourhood was raised. Ed White stated that from his experience it would be very difficult to combat this problem by new by-laws. Preston Park Avenue (PPA) in particular is a problem. PS Leet stated that he had made extensive enquiries over the past few weeks into the large vehicles parked in PPA. Out of 30 which were looked into, only 2 were travellers vehicles. The rest were owned by either residents local to the area or by residents who lived in other parts of the City where parking permits were needed and they didn't have one. PPA is a large road in terms of width which meant that people chose to park their vehicles there rather than smaller roads nearby. There was a discussion around the proposed residents' parking scheme in PPA. Residents from PPA said the scheme was needed as they were suffering from a lack of parking spaces in the road due to the large vehicles and local office workers parking there. PS Leet stated that such a scheme was likely to impact on the neighbourhood as it would squeeze the already limited parking in the Fiveways area. This in turn would impact on police resources who already spend a considerable amount of time dealing with double parking complaints.

There was then a discussion about the bicycle lane in Ditchling Road. The council promised a review of it after 6 months but there was no knowledge of whether this review had taken place. Disappointment was expressed regarding the poor response of council officers to LAT requests.

Sandra Staufer had had little response with assistance regarding her safer crossings campaign. She had a lot of initial interest but no one turned up to the meeting. Articles in two local magazines may help to publicise the problem A campaign was mentioned for September (new school year) with walking to school events.
A petition was mentioned for a controlled crossing at Surrenden Road to Bates Road. This is something which could be taken forward to gauge opinion.

5. London Road Station Site
An interesting report was made regarding the London Road Station (Springfield) project as a protected wild life area. Plans to develop had been thwarted but local residents were campaigning to have the area recognises as an "Open Space" to protect from further threats of development. There is a comprehensive report on the issue which was agreed to be circulated with the Minutes should anyone wish to read it

End of meeting 20 20hrs
Next meeting 26 06 08 - 1830 hours