Preston Park & Fiveways Local Action Team

September 2009

Meeting  3/9/09

Apologies for Absence

Introduction by Police and general discussion of who takes the minutes and who's role it was to drive the LAT forward.

Treasurer's report :

£678.36 in bank.
£24 used for leaflets - Voted for.
                                        Vote of thanks given to those who distributed leaflets.

Police report :

Generally crime up in August but mainly due to Pride.
Main concern was the rise in Burglary in the Stanford Ave area. This however dropped dramatically after the arrest of some of the group involved.

Increase in vehicle crime could be due to increase in reporting.

Discussion of  'Operation Park.'

Lat could help police with crime awareness by distributing information leaflets.

Suggested that the Police could use school news letters to help publicise the LAT and to collect e-mail addresses to boost data base for alerts.

Parking :

Preston park Ave - problems of where the vans will move to.
Vans moving to Surrenden Rd making the road unsafe.
Brownfield site for these vans to park - councillor present said she would bring it to attention of the council.
Discussion of what we could do.
This led to discussion of what we could do to influence the council on this problem and to the fact that we rarely, if ever, get any council officers here anymore. It emerged that the unelected council Officers seem to be pretty much a law to themselves.

London road allotments --  still ongoing.

What is role of LAT  :      Discuss and put local views on Parking and Traffic. Assist local Police with Crime Prevention. Community.

Promoting LAT : everyone agrees to distribute leaflets. Two streets each

Next meeting:      Thursday  1st October