LAT Minutes - October 2008

30th October 2008

Kevin Allen (cllr)
Amy Kennedy (cllr)
David Alderton (Chair)
Juliet McCaffery (cllr)
Jacqui Alderton (Res)
Tony Raggett (Res)
Renate Leow (Res)
Dominique Gindicilli (Res)
Alan Wildig (Res)
Sue Middleton (Res)
Dave Munro (Res)
Pauline Cox (Res)
Janet Enwer (Res)
PS Rob Leet (police)
PCSO Nicola Harrison (police) 
Alec Potter
Sheila Cullen
Ed White
Peter and Marilyn Bennett
Ed White


No Apologies

2. Previous Minutes

i) Approved
3.Treasurers report

i) Our account   £856.00
ii) Hollingdean account   £705.08  

6.Neighbourhood prorities

Cllr Amy Kennedy finding out if NCP can deal with double parking and parking on junctions, reviewing on 7th November. AK updating at Dec LAT. RL clarified laws on double parking to the group.

Safer crossings - Surrenden Road sign is still not working.

Balfour School -message  from Steve Kelly school travel officer - back log due to bad weather. KEEP CLEAR markings currently being reviewed, may not be reinstated due to the build outs. Cllr Allen stated that this was not acceptable and he will speak to the dept concerned.

Proposal to expand the junior school - concerns over traffic as area is already far too busy during school pick up/drop off times.

Varndean college development - comments due in to Phil Harland by 7th Nov. DA has contacted Phil Harland to try to get some dialogue as to exactly what the college intends but no reply as yet. DA will try to arrange a meeting - and possibly include the Withdean Councillors too - so that we can assess what impact/benefits/disadvantages the development will have on the area.

KA made the point that some of the issues raised at the PPFLAT crossed boundary wards onto Westdene and therefore the Preston Park Councillors were limited in what they could do. RL said that this was a valid point and one that he was aware of. There were no geographical boundaries to the LAT to exclude anyone that wanted to attend - if someone felt they lived in "Preston park & Fiveways" then they were welcome to attend. However, issues such as those on the school campus or Surrenden Road were actually on the Westdene ward, although they often directly affect residents in the Preston Park ward. RL had been in recent communication with the Westdene councillors who were currently in the process of assisting setting up a LAT for that area. They are now on the PPFLAT distribution list and Cllr Ann Norman has expressed an interest in attending future meetings. There is much potential for the two groups working together in the near future.


Sam Warren - from B&H City Council is currently working on forming some kind of protocol for LATs around the City so that the council can respond effectively to questions/issues raised. In light of the PPFLAT's recent problems in engaging with the council over some issues, it was suggested that she be invited to the next meeting to talk about her role.

There is a new website - which promotes LATs around the City. Simon Bannister from the City's Environment Improvement Team has contacted DA and asked whether the PPFLAT would be happy to have details advertised on there and maybe a page dedicated to it so that news/minutes/etc can be displayed. DA asked the group if this is something they would like and it was unanimously agreed to support the site. DA will respond to the questions sent through by Simon. 

Meeting closed at 1945 hours

Next meeting 27th November 2008 at 6.30pm