LAT Minutes - November 2008

27th November 2008

1. Present 

David Alderton (Chair)
Nic Harrison(Sussex police)
Erica Harkness (Sussex police)
Amy Kennedy (Cllr)
Tony Raggett (Res and now Secretary!)
Sam Warren (Council)
Ed White (Res)
Sandra Staufer (Res)
Peter Bennett (Treasurer)
Heather Jackson (Res)
Mike Holdgate (NHW/Res)
Dave Munroe (Res) Kevin Allen (Cllr)
Dominique Giudecelli
Jacqueline Alderton
Marilyn Bennett


Kevin Allen (Cllr)
Dominique Giudecelli
Jacqueline Alderton
Marilyn Bennett


Introduction to Sam Warren, neighbourhood manager for council

2.Previous Minutes

i) Approved

3. Treasurers report

i) Our Account - £837. 55 (with £20.00 per meeting hall hire)

4. Police report

                       Sept 08            Oct 08

Total                    56                 28
Burglary                5                  4
Veh crime          10                 13
Crim dam          10                  2
PPVC                  12                  9


We are currently experiencing a particular type of distraction burglary where the person at the door poses as a member of Sussex Police to gain entry. Once inside, they use a variety of questions to ascertain where the valuables are kept and then remove them. This is very, very distressing for those involved and we want to make as many people as possible aware of the techniques the criminally intent currently use, and to reinforce the LOCK,STOP,CHAIN and CHECK message.

Circulate above to neighbourhood watch co-ordinators to be distributed in communities, also to be put in Fiveways directory and the church newsletter.

Mike Holdgate said that Ewatch was very useful and informative for neighbourhood watch co-ordinators.

All present wanted to say a big "thank you" to Rob Leet for his help both in the LAT and also in the policing of the area, wishing him best of luck for the future.

5. Local Priorities

Points regarding  Balfour school traffic -  Sandra reporting Lollipop lady in place seems to be effective, but the road is still very badly congested.

Surrenden road.  Cllr. Amy Kennedy to report re traffic calming measures and to discuss with council why nothing is being done when the road has become so dangerous at school times. Connection of speed sign on Surrenden Road to be discussed. Sam Warren to set up meeting/discuss with Gillian Marsden.

NCP - Amy reporting on the double parking legislation and funding for road markings. Cllr Geoffrey Theobald will be providing an update to her around January.

Phil Harland, Principal of Varndean College will be attending the next meeting to discuss the planning application put forward by the College, and its impact on the traffic in Surrenden Road.   

6. Guest

Sam Warren talked about her project on LATs and how they work, in partnership with police and community safety team. Financing for and recourses for LAT are other significant issues. Local strategic partnership meeting to be organized and more advertising for LATs, to promote them within their neighbourhoods, would be useful, as well as more effective dialogue with council officers.  

7. Any Other Business

Ed White mentioned student fly tipping in the street. Managing agents of the offending property were contacted and a letter written to the tenants concerned, who were in breach of their agreement not to cause disturbance. A charge was made to particular tenants for street clearance, as EW explains below:-

Tenancies will normally have a clause saying the tenant must not cause nuisance or annoyance to neighbours, and also provision for recovering expenses arising from breach of the agreement. So if tenants dump rubbish on the public highway used by neighbours and will not clean up voluntarily, the Agent can clean it up  and charge the tenants as a breach of the agreement, with deduction from their deposit if needs be. This does need the cooperation of the agent, and of course it should still be fairly established that it was a particular set of tenants/tenant who caused the problem.

Thanks was expressed to St. Matthias for providing us with a table at their Christmas Fair. We hope that the LAT's good news stories will get more recognition.

Tony Raggett appointed secretary, with thanks for volunteering.

Meeting closed at 20.00

Next meeting... January 29th 2009!

Have a happy Christmas, and please feel free to email question for Phil Harland, if you are not able to make that meeting.

Also, there is a meeting on Community Crime Fighters in Southampton on February 26th 2009.  If anyone would like to attend, please email David on asap and he can give you further details.