LAT Minutes June 2008

Peter Bennett (Resident & Treasurer)
Rob Leet (sussex police)
Marilyn Priest(sec)
David Alderton(chair)
David Munro
Pauline Cox
Margaret Smart
Gordon Garland
Diana Burnard
Di Wilson
1. Introductions and Apologies
i) New members were welcomed  

2. Previous Minutes
i) Approved by the meeting 

3. Treasurers report
i)  Our account   £828.78
ii) Hollingdean account   £701.50
4. Police report
i) Figures for May; drug offences   3
Violent crime                                   14
Burglaries                                          4
No robberies                                     0
Vehicle theft                                       1
Criminal damage                           15
Incidents of youth disorder at Preston Park were still occurring. Analysis of youth disorder incidents across the city showed this area to be one of the main "hot spots". Large numbers of youths were meeting there and drinking. Police resources were continuing to be deployed to the park.
5. Road Safety
i)  Balfour Road area. Controlled crossing not viable according to council. Teaching assistant has offered to escort children across road but has not yet been appointed. Possibly starting in September. Surrenden Road. Diana Burnard and neighbour Di Wilson  attended the meeting mainly for these subjects.
ii) Diana suggested a traffic monitor scheme to evaluate the volume of
Traffic along Surrenden Road on a daily basis. The subject of the speed of vehicles is also an issue.
iii) there are no school warning signs in this area .
iv) regarding the unwired warning speed sign, Rob will keep in touch with Diana and also E.D.F.
v) The residents were concerned about the proposed parking scheme being implemented in Preston Park Avenue. They were already seeing the displacement of large vehicles to Surrenden Road and they were worried that any scheme may increase that. PS Leet stated that he had similar concerns for the Fiveways area as a whole and that he had written to the council to express this.
vi) Diana will approach Varndean College re reduction of cars being driven and parked along Surrenden Road. Lots of learner drivers are also commencing their driving lessons straight from college but are being collected by instructors immediately outside the college gates or even on the bus stop. It could be an idea to approach the instructors to change their pick up points.
vii) Marilyn will write to St Mary's Church on the same subject but especially the heavy parking of vehicles on the grass verges and small turning roads. There are notices stating no parking on grass verges. It was also mentioned that maybe for those parishioners who are able could try a WALK TO CHURCH DAY.
viii) Rob mentioned one possibility regarding speed, was resident controlled speed cameras in conjunction with police and DVLA      
Any Other Busines                                                                                                                                                         Gordon Garland expressed concerns about the timing of traffic lights
at Fiveways which seem to dangerously overlap at certain times of the day.David Munro has also shown concern with these lights as pedestrians tend to cross against the lights as the wait to cross is too long. It was agreed that as there were still so many issues around traffic which were of concern to residents that the LAT should invite a council representative along to the September meeting.

An attendee raised a concern that pupils from the local schools were smoking cannabis in the area during lunch breaks. There was anecdotal evidence that he had heard to this effect. PS Leet stated that any information regarding drug use or supply should be passed to the police as action could then be taken if the intelligence was strong enough. This could be done either directly to PS Leet, via 0845 6070 999 or through Crimestoppers (0800 555111)

Hall hire. The church has agreed to leave our hire rate at the reduced price of £20 per meeting indefinitely. It has been agreed to now pay this by standing order.