LAT Minutes July 2008


Rob Leet (sussex police)
Marilyn Priest(sec)
Jacqueline Sell
David Munro
Pauline Cox
Margaret Smart
Gordon Garland
Mike Holdgate(neighbourhood watch)
Edward White
Nick Jarvis (pplp)

Peter Bennett (treasurer)
Dave Alderton (chair)

1. Introductions and Apologies

i) New members were welcomed  

2. Previous Minutes

i) Approved. One amendment was that Mr Linfield didn't attend the LAT specifically for "traffic issues" as was reported, he attended as he was free that evening and took the opportunity to see how the Lat operated.

3. Treasurers report

i)      Our account   £870.47
ii)     Hollingdean account   £702.66
4. Police report


Crimes reported             67
Burglary                     4
Stolen motor vehicles        0
Thefts from motor vehicles   6
Other criminal damage       14
Violent Crime               15 
5. Road Safety

Neighbourhood priorities

i) School Crossings. A teacher has been trained for this purpose. Walking to school should be encouraged.
ii) No response as yet from the council or EDF regarding the illuminated sign in Surrenden Road.
iii) It was mentioned that Surrenden Road is a SAT NAV route into Brighton. 
Any Other Business

Further concern was voiced about the lack of response from council officials about important local issues - in particular the repeated questions which are being asked about local traffic issues.. How to address this problem will be on the next agenda and RL will raise at the Joint Action Group.

Cllr Juliette McCaffrey asked for the issue of lack of Summer youth activity at Blakers, Preston Park and Hollingbury Park to be raised. She had contacted the Council about this and asked if local residents had any suggestions about what activities they would like to see. At Hollingbury Park the delay in the refurbishment of the playground has added to the lack of facilities for young people.
The  problem of pollution at Hollingbury Dew Pond is being investigated by the Council. DA will update at the next meeting.

RL suggested that the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators in the area should be encouraged to attend the LAT as they are generally good representatives for the roads they cover and have a grasp of the local issues that are important to local people. This would provide a good link between the LAT and those people unable to attend regularly. RL will find a list of NHW co-ordinators and invite them to the meetings.

A letter of acknowledgement was received from St Mary's about the grass verge parking and it was stated that people were encouraged to avoid this.