LAT Minutes January 2008

1. Introductions and Apologies
i) New members were welcomed
ii) Again there was a low turnout - probably due to several meetings going on at the same time.

2. Previous Minutes
i) Approved
3. Treasurers' Report
i) £918.46 in the account with £20 for tonight's hall hire to be subtracted.
ii) £18.46 is interest to date.
iii) It was agreed that PPFWLAT would be the custodians of funding for the Hollingdean LAT because they had yet to become constituted. The funds are £750 and are to be used on community safety issues for the Hollingdean area

4. Police Report
i) Reported crime is down for December - 54 incidents (81 in November and 69 in October)
ii) Year on year changes - Total crimes down 13.9%. Within this figure - Violent crime down by 6.6%; burglaries up 27.8% and include the spate at the end of 2007; theft from vehicles down 10.3%; theft of vehicles down 20%; criminal damage down 21.8%; drugs up 58.7%. Drugs increase is indicative of more police activity like operation ‘Reduction' - which is across the city.

5. Traffic Issues
Dean Spears - Principal Transport Planner for B&HCC returned to update us on some of the action points from his last visit with Mark Prior on 28/6/07. These issues covered the new road layout, markings and cycle lanes in Fiveways and Ditchling Road.The following points were covered in some detail with further actions for Dean Spears to follow up on and return to the meeting at a later date:
i) Traffic Light System at Fiveways - These have been tested and have been shown to be the same as others in the city and within Dept of Transport levels but Fiveways is a busy junction and many interests have to be accommodated.
ii) We were assured that they lights are pedestrian led.
iii) Given the number of junctions for pedestrians to cross we requested two ‘bites of the cherry' for pedestrians in each phase of the lights.
iv) Beeps for visually impaired are no longer used - there is a sensory signal under the controls as beeps can be drowned out by traffic noise etc
v) It is only a rumour that the ‘build-outs' are to disappear. They now have "dragon's teeth" to give them more prominence and have a calming effect on traffic.
vi) Gullies are deemed better than drains which have a tendency to block ad require maintenance.
vii) Problems with delivery vehicles leaving Sandgate Road - it was suggested that the island that ca** problems would be more useful opposite St Matthias' church as pedestrians would find crossing the road easier and vehicles could then turn left out of Sandgate Road.
viii) Cycle Lanes - According to 12 hour monitoring, there are 260 cyclists who use Ditchling Road of which 128 use the cycle lanes.
ix) It would be too difficult to enforce time restrictions on the cycle lanes
x) The only way to mitigate the parking issues, compounded by the loss of circa 100 parking spaces because of the cycle lane is to remove commercial vehicles through some kind of resident parking scheme.
xi) There was some discussion about this as it was felt that not enough thought was given to the impact of the introduction of any such schemes, on the surrounding areas. E.g. it was noted that travellers are now parking large vehicles in Surrenden Road because they cannot park in Preston Park; double parking is becoming bad again because of the loss of parking spaces on Ditchling Road etc.
xii) The movement of the large vehicles to Surrenden is viewed as a safety issue as they are obscuring the main crossing point for the schools.
xiii) Double yellow lines would help remove these (but to where?)
xiv) The school crossing at Balfour is an ongoing issue. It was requested that this matter is expedited as it is urgent and it is now over 7 months since it was first raised.
xv) It was suggested that if the impediment to xiii) and xiv) was money, then let the LAT put it to residents to raise funds if this would expedite matters.
xvi) DS to investigate the whereabouts of Section 106 funding that could usefully support the funding of the above.
xvii) Box junction (and its enforcement) was suggested @ the Xroads of Ditchling Road, Viaduct Road and Upper Lewes Road.
xviii) BC to email minutes from 28/6/07 to DS to cover all of his outstanding action points

6. Questionnaires
i) Deferred to the next meeting as no-one present to update the meeting
8. AOB
i) Planning appeal for the plot next to the Open House pub is 14/2/08. This is planning for 10 units to be built without provision for parking. E White will report back at the next meeting.

Next Meeting -Thursday 28 February, 6.30pm St Matthias' Hall