LAT Minutes January 2009

Meeting held on Thursday 29th January 2009


Alec Potter (vice chair)
Erica Harkness (sussex police)
Sgt Drabble (sussex police)
Sandra Staufer (res)
Tony Raggett (secretary)
Dave Munroe (res) 

1. Introductions and Apologies

Introduction by Sgt Drabble talking of the advertising of Lats and the boundries between the diffirent areas.

2. Previous Minutes

3. Treasurers report

Currently running at £ 818.14
4. Police report

Violent Crime = 11
Criminal Damage = 7
Vehicle Crime = 0
Burglaries = 7

Crowhurst station was introduced as the new Station, which is open to members of public. Open from 9.00am - 5.00pm  Monday to Friday.

5. Neighbourhood priorities

1. Safer Crossings -  With the increase in traffic, the discussion of problems in crossing Surrenden from Harrington to Bates road. Viewing of photographs by Sandra and criteria to be met for establishing a school crossing patrol and the putting into place of controlled crossings by the council. The environmental protection team called to look at situation of traffic flow. Talk of resident volunteers to do surveys. Double yellow lines as suggested by the council, and the views taken on this by the residents.
We are pleased to see SID (speed indicator device) has been connected and is up and running. The parking of lorries, commercial vehicles was briefly discussed and is still a problem but alongside safer crossings does inhibit people from speeding.
2. The issue of funding.- funding discussed as put forward by Sam Warren
(Neighbourhood manager for Brighton /hove council.) What is to be done with the grant money? Suggestions of publicity with newsletters to get lats better known to the public. Idea to be taken to JAG (joint action group)
3. Mobile phones. - As brought up by resident, the way to combat the use of mobile phones by people whilst driving and should it be reported.
Sgt Drabble responded giving valid reasons and the importance of reporting it, for the sake of intelligence in the case that it may be a previous offender. Take down registration of offender and report to police, alternatively, of the front page of police website, there is an organisation, Operation Crackdown, relay all information to them. This is also to be taken to the JAG meeting.

6. Any other business...

The introduction of the campaign set up by the council for ‘Adopt a box'. Regarding the recent spate of graffiti in and around Brighton, especially in the five ways / Hollingdean area. A letter is to be circulated to residents. Any information can be reported (preferably) to the Council to Sarah Leach - graffiti Officer city clean

It is with regret we are losing Nic Harrison (PCSO) to Brighton central. Nic has decided to continue her (PCSO) duties in Brighton. We wish her the best in her new venture. Nic is with us for a short while but will be leaving early March.

It is being discussed at the moment to reschedule Lat meetings, to possibly make it on a Monday night, due to the conflict with councillors having council meetings at the same time.

The next meeting will be held as normal on Thursday 26th February at 6.30pm St Mathias Hall until further notice.