LAT Minutes April 2009

Meeting held on 2nd April 2009

David Alderton chair)
Erica Harkness (sussex police)
Jenny Pietersen (sussex police)
Dave Munroe (res)
Peter Bennett (treasurer) 

1. Introductions and Apologies

Apologies from all. First meeting since schedule changed to first Thursday of month.

2. Previous Minutes

None taken informal meeting

3. Treasurers report

Currently running at £778.21 minus £20.00 hall hire.
Hollingdean at £707.80. Mention of Hollingdean Lat being reconstituted. To inform Hollingdean to open account with HSBC  

4. Police report

Violent Crime = 5
Criminal Damage = 4
Vehicle Crime = 12 (4stolen)
Burglaries = 6
An improvement on last month.

5.Surrenden Campus meeting

Meeting discussed by chair who feels there was a positive outcome, and talk of getting security patrols on a Friday and Saturday night. Mention also of identifying children. - To wear uniforms and the concern at the easy vacating from school at lunch times.

6. Neighbourhood priorities

The issue of kids hanging around the schools at nights, and the source of alcohol they seem to obtain. Skateboarding and damaging the steps and other areas and the usage of football pitches without authorisation. The discussion of extra activities for the youth.
Concerns over the increase in traffic with dangerous parking outside the school and college. Traffic congestion down Balfour road and busses not being able to pass parked traffic outside Varndean college. 6th form funding from college to be discussed. Talk of meeting with Withdean Lat to talk over parking problem.
LATs meeting - citywide. General feeling is PPFL is well established and the joining up with other LATS would give reason for Admin to set rules for everyone and would be a bit too heavy handed management. Happy with the way it is. To be discussed with Sam Warren from council.

7. Phone mast proposal

Has been no update, but Clr Sven Rufus is aware. Suggestion by Peter Bennett to write to chairs of other LAts and possibly have a loose meeting on the subject.
Residents parking has been approved in Preston Park Avenue by the council and is to go ahead, as brought up by Clr Amy Kennedy although causing repercussions as traffic will possibly move into park, affecting traders. Talk of introducing disabled ramps in park 

8.Suggestion to contact Preston park pages to inform change of Lat meetings from last Thursday of the month to now be on first Thursday of month.

Meeting close at 8.00pm