LAT Minutes April 2008

Annual General Meeting
Previous Minutes
i) To be approved at next meeting
Election of officers;
Chairman - David Alderton
Vice Chairman - Alec Potter
Joint Treasurers - Peter And Marilyn Bennett
Secretary Marilyn Priest

Treasurer's Report - Balance of £865.03

Review of road crossings for schools. Concern was shown regarding speed and quantity of traffic in Balfour and Surrenden Roads. The parking of large vehicles worsens the situation as they restrict the views of those crossing the roads. Police to look into the large vehicles parked in Surrenden Road and Preston Park Avenue to see whether they are parked there legitimately.

Ideas to parents to encourage children to walk to school as this would ease the situation considerably. Sandra Staufer is hoping to set up an initiative around this. She will canva**upport and attend the next meeting with ideas to tackle the problems.

The Argus reported that a flashing sign had been installed in Balfour Road and that a lollipop person was to be employed. The sign does not seem to be in place. E-mail to sent to Cllr Amy Kennedy to look into this.

Police Report
i) 71 vehicle and criminal offences were reported. Crime figures remain generally static.
ii) Police have had success regarding mopeds in the parks.
iii) Problems regarding "travellers vans" are being looked at as there is difficulty proving any habitation etc.
iv) Alcohol regarding minors is still an ongoing problem. Publicity to sought in educating adults about buying alcohol for young people. Leaflet produced by the Drug & Alcohol Action Team to be distributed at Off Licences in the area
v) Football coaching has been a great success as they also meet fire fighters and police etc.

Meeting closed at 20:10 hours
Next meeting on 29/05/08 at 18:30hrs