Fiveways Gardens...September 2013

Hi, my name's Ed and I'm studying a Degree in Garden Design at Merrist Wood College, Guildford, and have been given the opportunity by Lilybud Gardens by Design to work as an intern alongside Lisa Attwell to develop my design and horticultural knowledge over the summer. My long-term ambitions are to graduate and move on to achieve an MA in Landscape Architecture awarded by Greenwich University and accredited by the Landscape Institute.

Having grown up in the leafy London suburb Hampton, I've always soaked up inspiration and appreciated the fact I've benefited in so many different ways from such a beautiful place. The Royal Parks, Richmond and Bushy, a stone's throw away gave me great desire for designing large open spaces and much of the time left me pondering on what and how I could enhance or manage a site such as this. The contrast of softness and tranquillity against one of the most historically developed architectural landscapes in the world only fuelled and encouraged my desire to become a designer.

The reason I decided to pursue this career path was because I've always found it fascinating how so many different skills and attributes are required. Whether it's ecological, geological, Computer Aided Design or even human impact on the environment, so many different classes of knowledge and experience are involved to make the correct decisions in design practise, decisions that have a knock on effect on the environment.

An interesting fact I heard recently in a talk at Greenwich University really seemed to hit home and got me thinking, it delved into the broadness and ability to work in many different countries as a Landscape Architect - one of the plus factors a career such as this can offer.   71% of the world is water, 29% is land and only 3% of that land is occupied by humans, leaving a massive 14% unexplored and further 12% derelict! This really opened my eyes and got me thinking on how we shape our own futures by the decisions we make but only live those futures by the careers we lead. For me, Landscape Architecture gives me that lead and ability to see things I haven't seen before and come across things I probably would never have come across if I had studied a different discipline.  I can't wait to explore it.

Now the internship is in full swing and bearings have been found. I am massively enjoying it and I'm learning valuable lessons not only in design but decisions that impact business and how to achieve what you want in a cost effective manner.  If anyone values experience over money at this current stage in their careers, I can safely say that the benefits are already having a lasting effect which will stay with me throughout my professional future.

Ed Higgins intern at Lilybud Gardens


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