Fiveways History


Hollingbury Terrace 

Several streets are named after national and local "heroes". Havelock Road - one of many in the country - celebrated Major General Sir Henry Havelock, a national hero of the British Empire particularly associated with India and the capture of Lucknow in 1857. Lowther Road was named after Edward Lowther, Councillor for Preston at the time the street was developed. This is an apt memorial: his particular interest was Brighton's water supply, a utility on which such large-scale housing development crucially depended.

The last word will be left to Brighton and Hove Up-to-date - A fin de Siecle Review. This celebrates Brighton's suburban northwards and westwards development at the end of the nineteenth century as "marvellous" and "record breaking". The writer continues,

This applies with special force to the suburb of Preston, the population of which has increased more than six times between 1871 and 1892 - a period of little more than twenty-one years. Houses in all parts of the district appeared to be occupied almost as soon as, and in some cases even before, they were finished. The estates in the neighbourhood have been judiciously laid out, the roads made and sewered; and with the most improved sanitary system, the suburb promises to be a model in every detail of wise municipal arrangement.



This short history of Fiveways was compiled by local historian Ninka Willcock. We would like to thank Ninka for her efforts in putting this fascinating history of our area together. In  turn Ninka would like to acknowledge the infinitely knowledgeable Sue Berry without whose generous help and published work this history would not have been possible.