Blakers Park Tennis Club

‘It's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part". What a load of rubbish that is!  When it comes to playing tennis, then there's not much point in patting the ball to and fro, because you'll never improve or get much enjoyment from it. Just ask ace player Andy Murray. He knows that the beauty of the game lies in the graceful strokes and clever shots. And that's what the jolly members of Blaker's Park Tennis Club aspire to.

‘OK, I might not get to play at Wimbledon, this year at least, but I'm blowed if we're going to let somebody beat  us without a fight,' said Terry Ragbourne and Aylie Mckenzie, typically feisty members of Blaker's Park Tennis Club.
‘We have great games on some lovely courts on gorgeous summer days, competing all the way, and then wind down with a cuppa from the café or something stronger over the road at the Cleveland. It's a smashing way to relax,' they say.

The proximity of the café and the pub may be two reasons why Blaker's Park Tennis Club has become so popular with friendly local residents. The winning streak is certainly another. It fields three highly successful teams in the local parks' league, with matches every Tuesday and Wednesday evening and social sessions every Saturday afternoon.

For more information about opportunities to play with the friendliest Fiveways club, call Terry on 01273 507649 or you can email her on